Leasing Information 


Our team of leasing experts, backed by a national team of operations, marketing and general management professionals, is passionate about meeting and exceeding the evolving needs of today's retailers and customers. To see how we can help you meet your strategic and business objectives, please contact Sylvie Plourde at ext. 2207 or via email at sylvie.plourde@cadillacfairview.com. Please contact Marie-France Gagné at (514) 353-4411 or MarieFrance.Gagne@cadillacfairview.com for all Food Court leasing inquiries.

Specialty Leasing Information
Whether you are introducing new products, branding existing products or test marketing, Rideau Centre offers exceptional promotional opportunities to assist you in meeting your specific objectives. If you are interested in our Specialty Leasing Program, please complete the appropriate Request Form below and send it via email to Susan.Fortin@cadillacfairview.com.

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